Kiio Leadership Team

  • Lydia Zeller, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Lydia has a track record of driving high-value and meaningful results for both Kiio clients and Kiio investment partners. One of the company’s first employees, Lydia has been involved in every facet of Kiio product and business development. As VP of Strategy, she conceived of and spearheaded the company’s efforts to bring Kiio’s flagship digital therapeutic product to market. She landed and managed the company’s first health plan partnerships and oversaw the development of critical clinical and financial outcomes studies documenting Kiio’s value to health plans and their members.

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  • Afsana Akhter, Chief Growth Officer

    Afsana Akhter, Chief Growth Officer

    Afsana leads Kiio’s Sales and Client Success team with the goal of bringing the benefits of Kiio’s MSK solutions to millions of people by partnering with Health Plans, Employers, PBMs, and other ecosystem partners.

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  • Chad Lindley, COO

    Chad has extensive expertise in solving business problems and meeting market needs. For the past 22 years, his focus has been software development and implementation, including documenting customer/market requirements, feature design and prioritization, team management, and agile methodologies.

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  • Karen Hitchcock, Vice President of Customer Experience Strategy

    Karen has more than 25 years’ experience in marketing, business development, and design. Although she’s worked in a variety of business sectors, Karen has spent the last decade building effective brand and engagement strategies for healthcare organizations, including several biotech and healthcare IT startups.

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  • Alex Kramer, Director of Product

    Alex Kramer, Director of Product Marketing and Management

    Alex has spent his career in digital health in a variety of product development, research, and marketing roles. He is focused on the intersection between healthcare, business, technology, and policy to build and position exceptional products to improve care outcomes for Kiio’s clients and users.

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  • John McCluskey, Director of Customer Success

    John is a great team leader with experience designing, implementing and managing comprehensive quality assurance programs that aid in delivering commercial products that meet multi-tier regulatory requirements and exceed customer satisfaction. He has a successful track record leading organizational change, and building and mentoring diverse teams in Quality Assurance, Integration, Mechanical Design, and Customer Service. John is co-inventor on two Kiio patent applications.

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  • Dave Grandin, Founder

    Dave Grandin is a high-tech executive with over 20 years of experience starting companies, building teams, delivering technology products, and driving revenue growth and profitability. Dave combines a strong entrepreneurial skill set with an extensive background in software and integrated system development, digital media solutions, and large-scale data analytics.

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Kiio Advisors

  • Dr. Tim Bartholow, MD

    Dr. Tim Bartholow, MD

    As Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of WEA Trust Insurance, Dr. Tim Bartholow is tasked with leading all clinical functions to achieve safer more affordable care, focusing on proper access, appropriateness, harm avoidance, and engaging members to action. He encourages community health with board service to Wisconsin Literacy, United Way of Dane County, and the Wisconsin Collaborative for Health Care Quality. He advises Venture Investors, Kiio, the University of Wisconsin Master of Public Health Program, Wisconsin Community Health Fund, and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

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  • Neal S. Sofian

    Mr. Sofian is recognized nationally for almost 40 years of innovation in population-based and corporate health management/engagement, and organizational change.

    During his career, Mr. Sofian commercialized the first and now largest telephonic coaching program in the United States, Free & Clear (a smoking cessation program now owned by Optum and called Quit for Life), as well as several of the early health-related social networking platforms, including the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Survivors Network.

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  • Dr. Chris Stout

    Dr. Chris Stout is a licensed clinical psychologist, having a diverse background in various domains. He is the Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiatives (a top ranked healthcare nonprofit and Platinum-ranked by GuideStar). He served as Vice President for the Department of Clinical Research and Data Analytics for ATI Holdings, LLC, the nation’s largest sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation practice, where he oversaw all clinical outcomes of patients with musculoskeletal concerns and managed the clinical data resulting from over 24,000 patient visits a day. From these large datasets, he has developed and served as Principal Investigator for two national registries in the NIH National Library of Medicine (Evidence-based Guide Investigating Clinical Services, NCT02285868 and Evidence-based Guide Investigating Medical and Preventative Services NCT04050319) which were listed in AHRQ’s Registry of Patient Registries.

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  • Dr. Patrick Grabowski

    Dr. Patrick Grabowski is an Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. He graduated summa cum laude from Marquette University in 2004 with a Master of Physical Therapy degree, and in 2012 from the Kinesiology Department at UW-Madison with his PhD in neuromotor control.

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  • Dr. John D. Wiley

    Dr. John Wiley served as the 27th Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 2001-2008. In recognizing his accomplishments as Chancellor, the UW System Board of Regents credited Dr. Wiley with starting a public dialogue about the future of higher education in Wisconsin and the role universities can play in developing a strong economy.

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