Kiio Mobile

Which devices are supported for Kiio Mobile?

Kiio runs on Apple devices (versions 10.x, 11.x, 12.x), as well as Android devices (version 4.4 to 9.0.x).

Which web browsers does Kiio support?

Recommended Browser:

  • Google Chrome, latest version

The following browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome, latest version
  • Safari versions 10 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox, latest version
  • iOS 10, 11, and 12
  • Android 5+

Updating your browser

Visit Browse Happy to find the latest version of your browser for download.

How do I install Kiio Mobile on my smartphone or tablet?

For the Low Back Pain program, your employer, provider, or insurance company will ask you to complete a screening process. If the program is right for you, the screening process will automatically provide links to the Apple and Google app stores. You will also receive a confirmation email from Kiio with the download links.

For physical therapy patients, your provider will send you an email with instructions on how to install the app on your mobile device.

I already have Kiio Mobile on my device. What is my username?

You created your username when you registered. If you have forgotten your username you can recover it by contacting your provider.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you forgot your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link located on Kiio Mobile’s Sign In page. When prompted, enter your email address (Kiio Mobile username), and click the Send Reset Link button. A link will be emailed to help you reset your password. If you experience difficulty, please contact Kiio Customer Support for help.

Phone: 608.467.4602
Email: support@kiio.com

Will I be notified when there are updates made to my content?

When your provider updates your content, you will receive an email to alert you of the changes. In Kiio, an orange ‘Update’ flag will appear on the content thumbnail for any updated routines.

What do the options on the Settings screen do?

Keep me signed in

  • Once you have signed in to Kiio, you will stay signed in even if you restart your device and/or restart the app. This option saves time on personal devices by not requiring your username and password with each use, however, Kiio recommends that this option be turned off on shared devices. By default, this setting is on.

Keep screen on during play

  • Once you have tapped Begin for a routine, the screen of your device will not go dark during the exercises. Be default, this setting is on.

Auto-advance exercises

  • Once you tap OK to close the Feedback window after completing an exercise, you will automatically be taken to the next exercise in your routine. By default, this setting is on.

Flick to scroll through routine

  • Once you are viewing content in the player, you can navigate from one exercise to another by flicking up or down. By default, this setting is on.

Only transfer on Wi-Fi

  • Your device will only allow data to be transmitted when connected via Wi-Fi, which ensures that Kiio does not use personal data but may also cause a delay in the transfer of routine data to your provider. By default, this setting is off.

Measurement Units

  • For exercises involving resistance bands, force targets are shown in the exercise details with units of pounds (lbs). This option allows you to change it to kilograms.

View License Agreement

  • When you first launched Kiio, a License Agreement was presented. This button allows you to review this License Agreement at any time.

How do I change/set my profile picture?

On the Profile screen, tap Edit (underneath the image circle). Select whether you would like to take a new photo or apply an existing picture as your profile image. Simply choose the desired image to see it applied.

What happens if I don’t review/complete all of the assigned content?

Your provider is able to review usage of Kiio and use this information to provide updates as required. To know more about how your provider will leverage Kiio usage data, contact them directly to discuss.

Kiio Equipment (Wall Gym, Caddy, Cables, Sensors, etc.)

How can I purchase Kiio equipment?

Please contact sales@kiio.com.

What differentiates the Kiio cables, handles, and attachments from other similar equipment?

Kiio Equipment is all based on the patented quick interchange system allowing you to easily swap any handle or attachment with any cable(s) to optimize performance. All cables are made with the highest quality dipped latex rubber for greater durability and safety.

How much force can the wall gym support?

The Wall Gym and its components are tested to consistently support 250 lbs of force. The Wall Gym is not designed to accept jerk forces above 200 lbs.

Can I get the Wall Gym custom printed with my logo?

Yes. Please contact sales@kiio.com to discuss.

I want to custom print my logo on the Kiio Wall Gym. What are the specifications?

If you want to include your own logo/message,  printer-ready artwork should be sent to Kiio with your order. Vector-based graphics (.ai, .eps) are preferred, but image files (.png, .bmp, .jpg, .gif) work if supplied at 300 dpi. The maximum print area is 10” high X 1.25” wide. Due to the dimensions nature of the insert, many decide to print their artwork sideways. Please contact support@kiio.com for additional information and specify if you want your artwork horizontal or vertical.

How much equipment is the Caddy designed to store?

At full capacity the Wall Gym neatly stores up to 80 cables, 18 handles, and numerous additional attachments.

Can I get the Caddy custom printed with my logo?

Yes. Please contact sales@kiio.com for additional information.

I want to Custom Print my logo on the Kiio Caddy. What are the specifications?

The area at the top of the Kiio Caddy comes with a Kiio logo printed on it. If you want to have your own logo/message printed instead, printer-ready artwork should be included with your order. Vector-based graphics (.ai, .eps) are preferred, but image files (.png, .bmp, .jpg, .gif) work if supplied at 300 dpi. The maximum print area is 3.5” high X 10” wide.

What is the Price of a Kiio Sensor

Please contact sales@kiio.com for additional information.

Does the Kiio Sensor work wirelessly?

Yes, Kiio Sensor uses WiFi designed to give you the maximum flexibility.

How much force can Kiio Sensor handle?

The Kiio Sensor is designed to give accurate readings (within 1%) up to 200 lbs. of force.